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We ensure facility life safety through efficient system design and testing conducted by credentialed experts dedicated to customer satisfaction and public safety.  


Mr. Begley is a registered professional Fire Protection Engineer in 20 states. He has almost 25 years of experience and began his engineering career at Lockheed Martin Energy Systems in Oak Ridge, TN.

James P. Begley, PE, LEED AP

TishaOverman (1)

Natasha Overman is a founder and principal of TERPconsulting. Ms. Overman is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources and Finance. Tisha has more than 20 years experience in business and finance.

Natasha Overman


Lanny Ray has over 17 years of experience and began his engineering career in 1996 at SimplexGrinnell in Washington D.C. In January 2011, Mr. Ray joined TERPconsulting as a Principal for the company.

W. Lanny Ray, SET

principal/fire protection consultant

Bryan Douglass joined TERPconsulting in April 2012 as a Principal for the company. He received his Master’s Degree in Fire Protection Engineering and Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Bryan L. Douglass, PE

principal/fire protection engineer

Ed Fixen has over 25 years of code consulting and fire protection engineering experience as a fire/life safety code consultant. Mr. Fixen is a registered professional Fire Protection and Mechanical engineer in the state of California.

Edward L. Fixen PE


Mr. Koenig is a registered professional Fire Protection engineer in California, Nevada and Virginia. In January 2014, Mr. Koenig joined TERPconsulting as a Fire Protection Engineer for the company.

William G. Koenig, PE

fire protection engineer
Wayne R. Griswold, PE

Mr. Griswold’s 10+ year career began in Las Vegas in 2006 with stops in Denver and the Middle East along the way. He is a licensed Certified Fire Protection Specialist and a 40 Under 40 engineering winner. As a fire protection consultant for TERPconsulting, he began our first remote office in Denver, CO in December 2016.

Wayne R. Griswold, PE, CFPS

fire protection engineer

AJ Campanella specializes in fire protection engineering, building and fire codes, failure analysis, and origin and cause determination. He has more than 7 years of experience providing fire protection engineering code consulting and failure analysis.

AJ Campanella, PE, CFEI

fire protection engineer

Mr. Montplaisir has 13 years of experience in Code Consulting and Fire Protection
Engineering in the field of Fire and Life Safety.

Eric Montplaisir, PE

principal fire protection engineer

Jason Beck is a fire protection consultant and a member of the firm since 2011. He has over 7 years of experience in the fire protection industry. Jason also has extensive experience in the preparation of smoke control diagrams for high-rise properties.

Jason D. Beck, AET

fire protection consultant
MattStrasser-0010 (1)

Matt Strasser has seven years experience in the IT field as a Data Analyst. Mr. Strasser joined TERPconsulting in February 2017.

Matt Strasser, TT

fire protection designer
Adam_0027 (1)

Adam Krylo has 10 years of experience and began his engineering career in 2007 at JBA Consulting Engineers performing mechanical drafting, which included preparation of smoke control drawings.

Adam Krylo , AET

fire protection designer
NancyCohen0151 (1)

Nancy Cohen joined TERP as office manager in 2015. Nancy has more than 25 years’ experience in production management and graphic design.

Nancy Cohen

office manager
AnnTrobough (1)

Ann Trobough has more than 25 years’ experience in marketing, advertising and graphic design. She joined TERP in June 2016.

Ann Trobough

marketing director
nate olson

Mr. Olson has experience in building and life safety code consulting, design and calculation of fire protection systems, surveying facilities for compliance with building and life safety codes, and determining code compliant fire protection approaches for various occupancies.

Nathan T. Olson, EIT

fire protection consultant