Eric Montplaisir, PE

Eric Montplaisir, PE

principal fire protection engineer


Eric Montplaisir has 13 years’ experience in Code Consulting and Fire Protection Engineering in the field of Fire and Life Safety. His expertise includes building, fire, life safety, and accessibility code consulting for both existing buildings and new construction projects in accordance with local and national codes and standards.

Eric Montplaisir has mastery of local and international codes such as the International Building and Fire Code (IBC/IFC) as well as the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards which include, but are not limited to standards regarding life safety and fire protection systems. Mr. Montplaisir has also been directly responsible for code compliance with respect to egress, fire resistance, smoke management, other fire protection systems. He specializes in all aspects of performance-based design for new and existing buildings, including rational analysis development, fire and smoke modeling, and structural fire resistance. Mr. Montplaisir is also a certified special inspector of spray-applied materials, firestopping, and smoke control systems.

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