Boston Code Consulting

Established in 2010, TERPconsulting has recently expanded its reach to the Northeast region, opening operations in both Boston and New York City that are helmed by a team of industry veterans. Our experts are proficient in design, third-party reviews, modeling, commissioning, and code consulting services in the field of fire protection, life safety, and accessibility. We offer hands-on inspections, design review from a fire safety point of view, and we ensure your project is up to code. We want your project to be on time, on budget, and have efficient and effective project managers who ensure that mission is accomplished.

Construction and Fire Code Consulting

We excel at coordinating fire protection and life safety features with the overall building design, accounting for building aesthetics, function and cost while balancing building and fire code requirements. We have extensive experience in fire protection engineering for large-scale construction projects throughout the world. Our services include life safety plan preparation and review, fire and life safety reviews and reports, building and fire code consulting, existing building evaluation and due diligence, master egress analysis and preparation, engineering judgments and alternative means and methods, expert witness and loss consulting, Hazardous materials, Building and access board appeals and variance preparation.

Boston Fire Protection Engineering

Fire Code Consultants

Fire life safety regulations vary widely due to local building codes and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). It is important to note that building codes for new building construction are typically different than those for existing buildings undergoing renovations. Let the Boston code consultants at TERPconsulting make sure your building is up to code and following the correct fire life safety procedures.

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TERPconsulting’s Boston team offers a full slate of resources to fulfill every aspect of your
fire protection, life safety, and accessibility needs. If your construction or design project
needs include developing a successful partnership with fire protection and code specialists,
consider contacting the engineering experts at TERP.
For inquiries in the Northeast, specifically the Boston area, please contact senior fire protection
engineer Kaitlin McGillvray, PE:
Kaitlin McGillvray, PE

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