Coffee with a Code Consultant

Do You Have Building and Fire Code Questions?

Do you have a project or upcoming work and have building and fire code requirement questions? Not sure if you need a fire safety engineer or not? We can help! Let’s grab coffee!

We understand that hiring a fire and life safety code consultant can be daunting, especially if you don’t know the first thing about code requirements, or if you aren’t sure what the specifications are going to look like for your project. With our unique ‘Coffee with a Code Consultant’, you get a bit of our expertise without the commitment or expenditures of a full on scope of work.

We will sit down before hand and take a look at your project or drawings and let you know things to look out for, people you may want to contact, and if it’s necessary to further our work together. We can jot notes and give suggestions for fire sprinkler work, smoke suppression, fire suppression and more.