Denver Code Consulting

In building and fire code consulting, you need a team with experience. Our Denver office has code consultants that have the requisite experience to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

Having worked intimately with multiple authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) throughout Colorado, our Denver code consultants are a great addition to any design or construction team. Our extensive experience with local and national engineering companies, architects, AHJs, and owners are valuable to get projects approved and permitted on time.

The TERPconsulting philosophy includes providing a baseline fire protection and life safety report that summarizes all building elements and requirements based on the intended use and construction type of the building. This report addresses the building’s current and/or future minimum fire and life safety compliance criteria. Establishing fire and life safety requirements upfront is crucial to ensure a project’s success, while also keeping the entire project team (i.e., design team, AHJ, construction team, etc.) on the same page from the beginning. A team aligned with a clear understanding of requirements saves time throughout the construction and inspection process.

TERPconsulting has a wide array of fire and life safety consulting knowledge uniquely beneficial to specialty projects, where code requirements are not always clear and concise. Our Denver code consulting team strives to implore applicable code requirements in a way that does not impede ascetics, function or flow of the project, while working within all project parameters to complete a comprehensive fire and building code analysis that is cost effective and safe for future building patrons.

Building and Fire Code Review

  • Third Party Plan Review

    In addition to fire code consulting, we provide reviews of existing designs to determine if all applicable International Code Council (ICC) and NFPA requirements are met.

  • Code Analysis

    Are your building plans in line with Denver code requirements? We can assist you in finding out and repairing any areas that need modification.

  • Fire Safety Plans

    Along with code consulting, we can offer fire safety plans that are in accordance with Denver regulations.

  • Certificate of Occupancy

    We will help you to your ultimate goal, a city of Denver certificate of occupancy which is in compliance with all codes and regulations for building and fire protection.

  • Base Codes and NFPA Requirements

    We will review all applicable code requirements including NFPA codes based on project use and construction type.

Let our Denver Code Consultants know how we can help you today!

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