Expert Witness & Loss Consulting Services

Expert Witness & Loss Consulting

Providing Insight and Expertise into Fire & Life Safety-Related Legal Disputes and Losses

TERPconsulting’s licensed professional engineers can provide in-depth knowledge in the arena of fire and life safety. Using decades of proficiency designing fire safety protection equipment, including sprinkler, smoke control, alarm, and specialty suppression systems coupled with knowledge of each step in the building process—starting with construction and installation to system performance and user error—the engineers at TERPconsulting can offer their expertise and insight into fire-related legal disputes.

Expert witnesses trained in a variety of matters related to fire safety, prevention, and protection are of utmost importance when dealing with fire-related lawsuits. TERPconsulting’s fire protection engineers and code consultants can provide expert testimony during a trial on the cause and origin of a fire incident, building and fire code compliance, human behavior and egress, fire modeling and simulation, hazardous materials and fire risk assessment, fire safety management practices, and the design, installation, and effectiveness of fire safety systems.

During a trial, TERPconsulting’s fire protection and code specialists can provide expert opinions, explain technical concepts to the court, present their findings, and answer questions related to fire safety and protection. Their testimony can help the court understand the causes and effects of a fire incident, assess liability, and make informed decisions regarding the case. TERPconsulting’s expert witnesses can also render opinions based on known case facts and industry best practices to determine a case’s optimal course of action.

Tap into the extensive experience and knowledge of TERPconsulting’s industry-leading engineering and code professionals for legal expertise in the field of fire protection and life safety. With a wide array of case experience coupled with a supporting network of technical personnel who are licensed in 44 states and the District of Columbia, TERPconsulting is a vital component to any legal strategy when considering every possible variable in successfully arguing a case.