Fire and Life Safety Expert Witness

Fire Safety Expert Witness Services

At TERPconsulting, we offer Fire & Life Safety expert witness and litigation services. Our degreed professional engineer experts have decades of experience with fire safety equipment, fire sprinkler systems, smoke control systems, fire alarm systems, specialty suppression systems, and passive barrier elements.  Our industry experts are licensed in Our fire safety consultants are licensed in 43 states and the District of Columbia and can render opinions based on known  facts and industry best practices to best determine a case course of action.

Our team oriented approach allows your legal team to tap into industry leading engineering professionals experience and knowledge. With a wide array of case proceeding experience coupled with a nationwide supporting network of technical personnel, TERPconsulting is a necessary team member to ensure you legal team is looking at all potential case variables.

When dealing with fire related lawsuits, witnesses trained in fire protection, fire control, smoke control and more are of utmost importance. Our experts can attest to destruction and damage control, provide insight into code compliance, attest to system installation and more. Each step of construction, installation, system performance and user error may be subject to litigation as it pertains to fire protection cases.

Please reach out to us today to get ahead of your fire and/or life safety legal situation and allow our legal fire experts help you with your case.