Cannabis Facilities

Cannabis Facilities

Safety Requirement Expertise in Cultivation and Processing Facilities

Fire protection engineering expertise is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of cannabis facilities. These facilities pose unique challenges due to the cultivation, processing, and storage of cannabis plants and products, which can increase the risk of fires and explosions. To mitigate these risks, TERPconsulting has specialized experience with many of the cannabis processing, distilling, and extraction methods that utilize flammable liquids, combustible liquids, and other hazardous materials.

TERPconsulting’s experts can assess the specific hazards associated with cannabis facilities having amassed experience working on cannabis spaces in Colorado, California, and Nevada. This includes evaluating the flammability of cannabis oils and gases, electrical systems, and potential ignition sources. The fire protection engineers at TERPconsulting can integrate advanced technologies like smoke and heat detection systems and have experience designing comprehensive fire protection solutions, such as fire-resistant building materials, suppression systems, and robust ventilation systems to control hazardous vapors.

Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of fire protection engineering for cannabis facilities and a host of fire and life safety considerations and regulations must be strictly followed. TERPconsulting’s code specialists stay up to date with local and state regulations, helping businesses adhere to safety codes and standards that include International Fire Code (IFC) or NFPA 1 — Fire Code, NFPA 13, and NFPA 72 until NFPA 420 — Standard on Fire Protection of Cannabis Growing and Processing Facilities is in development.

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