Fire Protection and Life Safety Expertise in Residential Occupancies

Fire and life safety considerations in multifamily dwellings including apartments, condominiums, high-rises, and assisted living facilities are critical due to the safety of numerous residents in shared living spaces. These structures require specialized fire protection engineering expertise to create a fire-safe environment and ensure the protection of occupants, property, and investments.

The fire protection engineers at TERPconsulting assess the unique fire risks associated with multifamily occupancies by evaluating factors such as building size, occupancy loads, fire separation between units, and available escape routes. This analysis informs the design of fire prevention measures, including fire-resistant construction materials, smoke containment systems, and fire-rated egress routes. Additionally, TERPconsulting’s experts provide the design and testing of advanced fire detection and suppression systems specialized in multifamily dwellings.

Mandated by the governing jurisdiction, applicable codes and standards dictate the necessary fire protection systems such as fire alarms and fire sprinklers essential for safety, property and occupant protection, and code compliance. Possessing extensive knowledge of these highly specialized codes and standards, TERPconsulting’s code technicians ensure compliance with local building codes and fire safety regulations, including those related to fire exits, alarm systems, and fire-rated materials. As well, they work closely with AHJs to secure permits, conduct inspections, and maintain adherence to safety standards.

Applying their technical knowledge to develop practical solutions that create secure living environments for multiple occupants, TERPconsulting’s fire protection engineering expertise in residential construction requirements ensures the requisite fire and life safety features are incorporated into every project’s design from blueprint to top off.  

Multifamily Projects

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