Fire System Services

Staying up to date with your fire system service and inspections, will help you stay in compliance of the industry, insurance and city fire and building codes.


    • Sprinkler system testing
      • Wet Systems
      • Dry Systems
      • Preaction
      • Deluge
      • Foam System testing
    • Corrosion testing in fire systems
    • Freeze protection testing
    • Egress and emergency exit checks
    • Fire pump testing
    • Hazordous material safety testing
    • Smoke detection testing
    • Fire alarm and detection servicing
    • Industrial kitchen hood testing
    • Fire system interaction with other buildings and call systems
    • Smoke control system service
    • Clean agent suppression testing
    • Fire Hydrant Testing

How often does your fire system need to be serviced?


Servicing of your fire systems must be done by a fire protection engineer or contractor. You will need your system to be checked as often as required by fire codes for your state, city, local code fire inspection and by NFPA standards. TERPConsulting can inspect and service your fire protection system on a monthly basis, quarterly, or annually. We will check that your system is operating properly and will preform in case of an emergency. Some insurance providers require your system to be checked periodically in order for them to insure your assets if a fire were to happen. Fire protection inspections are therefore crucial in order to maintain the insurance you’re already paying for.


NFPA 25 is the code requirement that lays out the inspection, testing, and maintenance schedules and requirements for water-based fire protection systems. NFPA 25 is a globally adhered to list of requirements. NFPA 25 inspections and services of fire systems are required by law to be conducted on a scheduled basis, regardless of the use, occupancy or hazards of the building. Your project or building will need to have met these NFPA required inspections in order to remain open for occupancy.

Specific Sprinkler Inspection and Testing

TERPConsulting can provide a number of sprinkler or water based services. To start, we will preform a visual inspection of the system. This will alert us to any glaring or common issues found with fire sprinkler systems. We will be sure to review the interior and exterior gauges of your fire system. We will also confirmation proper air and water pressure levels as well as inspecting your control valves. Finally, with our special equipment, we can provide an accurate assessment of your water tanks, fire pump and pressure testing, and confirm that all systems are connected to fire department alerts.

Let our fire system inspectors know how we can help you today!

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