fireproofing in Clark County

Certification of Fireproofing Submittals

Nevada’s Clark County Department of Building and Fire Prevention (CCBFP) requires professional engineering (PE) certification of fireproofing submittals. Projects that require certification of fireproofing submittals are any with intumescent or spray-applied fire-resistive material. Typically, these are large buildings such as high-rises and large assembly buildings.

In Clark County, Nevada fireproofing plans and supporting documents must be submitted with the
structural plans and must be prepared and stamped by a Nevada-registered professional engineer. Clark
County’s steel construction building permit guide follows applicable codes derived from the
International Building Code (IBC) and Southern Nevada Code Amendments which require fireproofing of
materials to ensure proper plan review and inspection.
TERP’s fireproofing services begin with reviewing your project’s design documentation including
relevant fire protection reports and alternate methods to confirm the fireproofing approach implements
the requirements of design documents and relevant codes. TERP will also review the fireproofing
submittal to confirm that the products, listings, and required fire-resistive materials (FRM) thicknesses
proposed are appropriate for the proposed design. Submittals will then be formally approved in writing
and stamped by one of TERP’s Nevada-registered fire protection engineers (FPE) and an electronic
stamp of fireproofing plans will be transmitted to you for submittal to the Clark County Department of
Building and Fire Prevention.

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