firestop special inspections

firestop special inspections

Firestop inspections and testing are integral to any passive fire protection quality control program, to ensure the required fire resistance ratings are maintained when penetrations of rated walls and floors and joints occur between rated assemblies.

TERPconsulting’s firestop special inspectors are certified to serve as independent third-party inspectors through multiple means, including the International Firestop Council (IFC), to ensure required fire-resistance ratings are maintained. In addition to performing thorough visual inspections and testing, TERP’s IFC-certified inspectors are well-versed in building and fire code requirements, including those applicable to through-penetration, membrane penetration, firestops, fire-resistant joint systems, and building perimeter barrier systems. Although building code requires a firestop special inspector for high-rise buildings, along with those in Risk Categories III and IV, TERPconsulting can provide firestop special inspection services on any project at the request of the owner or authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

What We Provide with our firestop special inspections

  • Penetration Firestop Review

    A review of through-penetration firestop or membrane-penetration firestop.

  • fire resistance rated floor

    Review of floor ratings related to firestopping capabilities

  • wall assembly firestopping

    review of walls installed to resist the spread of fire through the assembly for a prescribed period of time.

  • T, L, and F rating testing

    testing of air leakage, time of resistance, and can spec assemblies to meet F ratings.

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