Francisco Kang, PE

Francisco Kang, PE

fire protection engineer

Mastery of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) fire modeling characterizes Francisco’s expertise, as he channels his experience in code consulting, fire dynamics, and egress modeling to enhance the capabilities of TERPconsulting. Specifically, his experience includes analysis in the areas of atrium smoke control system design using CFD, stair and elevator pressurization system design using CONTAM, structural fire modeling using CFD, and egress modeling using Pathfinder performed across multiple jurisdictions that include Southern California, Pacific Northwest, and New York City markets.

Prior to joining TERPconsulting, Francisco managed performance-based design and fire, smoke, and egress modeling projects on the West Coast for high-profile projects in residential, business, and assembly occupancies. Services for these projects included preparing fire engineering and smoke control analyses and delivering results to building and fire officials for approval of modeling and building design.

Francisco’s career highlights have included performing structural fire modeling analysis on the MSG Sphere Las Vegas, performance-based design of Bangalore International Airport, atrium smoke control analysis on New York’s Moynihan Train Hall and Scottsdale Fashion Square mall, and stair pressurization analysis for the University of California San Diego.

Regarding Francisco’s focus on modeling analysis, he has developed features to automate specific FDS tasks to reduce errors in simulations. He has also provided support in maintaining the computer cluster that consisted of 40+ computing nodes to host all FDS simulations and is proficient in Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS), CFAST (2-Zone Modeling), CONTAM Airflow Modeling, Pathfinder, and PyroSim.

A registered fire protection engineer in California, Francisco has a master’s degree in Fire Protection Engineering and a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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