Hazardous Materials and Chemicals

Our hazardous materials experts will ensure your storage, use, and handling of hazardous materials, including flammable liquids and combustible dusts meet all required code standards.

Our services include but are not limited to the development of a Hazardous Material Inventory Statement (HMIS), the evaluation of an existing or prospective property’s fire/life safety system, the development of an overall fire protection system strategy incorporating active and passive fire protection methods to account for all hazardous materials onsite, and specifications to bring buildings into code compliance.

HMIS is the classification of chemicals into one or more of the hazardous material classification categories, including the location and the maximum expected quantities of each type of hazardous material to be stored. HMIS reports are typically required on an annual basis.

Are you interested in classifying chemicals on your own? Check out TheHazMatApp, an easy-to-use resource you can download to your phone. TheHazMatApp provides engineers, consultants, building owners, and inspectors with a database of hazardous materials that have been assigned building and fire code hazard classifications by experts and industry professionals. Register now for a free 30-day trial.

The HazMat Classification Assistant for Building and Fire Codes is a Simple Solution for Compliance

About TheHazMatApp

The classification of hazardous materials and subsequent report generation can be a long arduous process. TheHazMatApp is a game-changer, offering a comprehensive database of hazardous materials with expert-assigned building and fire code hazard classifications. Developed by one of TERPconsulting’s engineers, Joe Chacon, it revolutionizes the traditionally lengthy and complex task of classifying hazardous materials and generating compliance reports. By providing a robust chemical database and automated report templates based on user-input quantities, TheHazMatApp not only simplifies code compliance but also saves users valuable time and money.

Chemical Lookup feature:

Search various chemicals by chemical name or CAS number to determine their hazard classification. We display all important hazard information in an easy, understandable way to apply to your reports!

Create Inventories and Print Inventory Statements with ease:

Create and save property chemical inventories and adjust quantities as needed. Print Hazardous Material Inventory Statements (HMIS) templates in excel format.

Add to the TheHazMatApp’s growing database:

Don’t see your chemical in the TheHazMatApp database? We will review your Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and assign the hazard classification to the chemical. Our users contribute to the most conclusive and growing chemical database in the industry!

Sign-up Today!

HazMatApp Basic

We offer two ways to use the app. With theHazMatApp Basic version you receive free mobile access to the app for chemical lookups only. Download the free app today from the Apple app store, or the Google play store.

The HazMatApp Pro

For those who need more firepower, TheHazMatApp offers a yearly membership plan that includes the ability to:

  • Create and save building inventories
  • Adjust chemical inventory as needed
  • Add your own chemicals
  • Generate HMIS and summary templates

The Hazmatapp Pro is $199 per year, which gives you access to the online database and mobile app. Register now for a free 30-day trial.

Visit www.thehazmatapp.com for more information. Download our free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Questions? Please contact joe@thehazmatapp.com for more information.

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