Heather Younghusband

fire protection consultant

Heather Younghusband began her career as a Development Plan Technician at the City of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada in the Building and Planning Department. Ms. Younghusband examined and advised in the development of new residential, commercial and high-rise structures. Her responsibilities included coordinating internal and consultant teams, providing zoning analysis, bylaw and building code review. Major projects included Edmonds Town Center, Metrotown and Electronic Arts Campus Canada. Prior to joining TERPConsulting, Ms. Younghusband worked with Younghusband Consulting providing fire/life safety analysis. As an Assistant Code Consultant, Ms. Younghusband drove to completion multiple projects by assisting in smoke control system design and means of egress analysis. At TERP, Ms. Younghusband works on a variety of projects reviewing and analyzing fire/life safety requirements, and is certified as an International Code Council (ICC), Accessibility Inspector and Plans Examiner. Heather is in the process of obtaining her Certified Access Specialist (CASp) Property Inspection Certification from the State of California.

Projects she has supported include the CU Boulder College of Music addition, Saltair, and Table Mountain Resort and Casino. Ms. Younghusband brings a wealth of knowledge to each project with her interpersonal expertise, dedication and diverse skillset.

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