Las Vegas Firestop Special Inspections and Fire Protection Reports

las vegas fire protection reports

Las Vegas’ Clark County Fire Department require that you submit a Fire Protection Reports for review before granting a Certificate of Occupancy. We can help you to complete your initial submittals, resubmittals, and revisions for project Fire Protection Reports, tenant improvement Fire Protection Reports, Alternate Materials and Methods narratives, and other submittals that are required by the Clark County Fire Department for review.

The Clark County Fire Protection Report is an exhaustive report of all building and surrounding areas as they pertain to fire and life safety. This is not a report that can be done without prior expereience, which is why we have multiple Professional Engineers with decades of experience in this county and beyond to help you complete the FPR. The report must include Major Use(s) and Occupancy Classification, Means of treating mixed use occupancies, Building height in feet, Height of highest walking surface above the lowest level of CCFD response, Number of stories, Number of subterranean levels, locations of mezzanines, Building area, Number of residential units, Gross leasable area, All locations where the ceiling height(s) exceed 25 feet above the finished floor, and Locations of storage of hazardous materials, including pool chemicals, cooling water treatments, oxy/acetylene welding, LP Gas and fuels. And those are the easy ones! The report must also address the following:

  • Clark County Fire Code
  • Clark County Building Code
  • Site Access description including Minimum widths of Fire Department Access Roads
  • Passive fire protection including hour rating of walls, and Identify locations of Horizontal Exit Walls
  • Egress requirements including special instructions for meeting rooms and ballrooms
  • Sinage reports with all locations and making sure sinage is up to code
  • Active fire protection including compliance with the adopted edition of NFPA 13
  • Standpipes and outlets in compliance with the adopted edition of NFPA 14
  • Water supply
  • Fire pumps
  • Fire detection systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Secondary response points
  • Fire department communications
  • and much more

Firestopping and Firestop Inspections

Firestopping is required in many code requirements such as the International Building Code – Chapter 7, New Construction, International Fire Code – Chapter 7, Existing Buildings, NFPA 101 Chapter 8 and NFPA 1 Chapter 12. This includes firestopping in joints and Perimeter Barriers. The required fire-resistance rating of fire-resistance-rated construction (including walls, firestops, shaft enclosures, partitions, smoke barriers, floors, fire-resistive coatings and sprayed fire-resistant materials applied to structural members and fire-resistant joint systems) all have to be maintained. In 2009, the code stated that “such elements shall be visually inspected by the owner annually and properly repaired, restored or replaced when damaged, altered, breached or penetrated.” This maintenance must be reported and documented, which is where TERPconsulting can help.

Smoke Control Special Inspections

  • Approved Smoke Control Inspectors

    TERPconsulting has multiple professional engineer inspectors approved by clark county for smoke control inspections

  • Inspection & Testing

    Smoke control systems must be tested by a special inspector, including construction, equipment, ductwork and more

  • Firefighter's Smoke-Control Panel

    The firefighter’s smoke control panel, located in the Fire Command Center must be inspected for accuracy and funcationality

  • Acceptance Testing

    The smoke control test plan has to show the methods to test the complete smoke control system to demonstrate compliance with the applicable codes in Clark County

  • Records on File

    We can help make sure all building records are on file including your Fire Protection Report including amendment(s), smoke-Control Diagrams, MQAA Final Report, Smoke-Control System Test Plan, all Drawings, and Master Exit Plan

Let our Clark County Fire Protection Report experts help you today!

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