Our Markets

Below are some of the market segments that we services here at TERPConsulting. We are always open to new challenges and segments, but we have a proven history with these fire protection industries and how we can help you progress your project today.


From ballrooms, concerts, conventions, meeting rooms, and nightclubs, we have serviced many assembly locations in their fire protection needs.

Casino/ Gaming

TERPconsulting is available for both commercial and tribal gaming fire safety and code consulting.

Cultural and Historical Properties

Historical projects call for special attention to detail when it comes to fire protection engineering and the systems that are needed. We can help!

Department of Energy

The Department of Energy or DOE, including commercial nuclear complexes require special clearances that members of our team already have, making your project progress on time.


Fire protection systems in universities, lower education and more. We have experience in sprinkler, smoke control and more in education segments.

Food and Beverage

Bars, restaurants, outdoor patios and more, we’ve dealt with all aspects of the food and beverage market for fire protection and code consulting.

Federal Government

Federal projects require special permissions, clearance, and understanding of the federal process. Our history with such projects helps us keep you on track.


Fire/life safety systems require in-depth acceptance testing per NFPA standards and building code provisions. TERPconsulting can make sure systems are ready and functional when you’re ready to occupy your building.

Hotels and Motels

Hotel fire and life safety is of the utmost importance, with mass occupancy and other factors, TERPConsulting can help you navigate Hotel and Motel fire code and more.


Military clearance to asses fire and life safety code can be hard to obtain. TERPconsulting team members are here and ready to help with your military level fire safety clearance.

Mixed-Use Commercial

TERPconsulting can provide Smoke Control Inspection and Testing Service and more on your mixed commercial spaces, navigating the need for multiple solutions for different occupancy and use needs.


With multi-family fire and life safety consulting can make or break a project. Getting things done on time and with the proper fire safety systems can make sure your project stays on track.

Municipal Governments

TERPconsulting has close relationships with many of the town and city government officials that can help your project along. These connections ensure that you get your approvals in front of the right people at the right time.


Residential high rise buildings are becoming more and more popular in a growing market. One and Two family dwellings require unique solutions that we can help with.


Retail facilities fire and life safety code, including ADA compliance, are areas TERP has worked with in the past and is very comfortable with.


TERPconsulting has worked with transportation safety, including aviation and underground transportation fire safety consulting.


Our history of warehouse fire and life safety projects include industrial, manufacturing, logistics and more warehouse safety measures to keep you and your tenants safe.

Distilleries and Breweries

We have worked with a number of new and existing distilleries and breweries on complying with local fire protection code. We can assist with compliance with IFC chapter 40, compressed gas, CO2 issues, flammable liquids and more.

CBD and Cannabis Facilities

When distilling CBD from cannabis, there are many fire and life safety considerations to keep in mind. Many of the processes include flammable liquids, combustible liquids and other hazardous material.

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