Phoenix Fire and Life Safety Code Consultants

Phoenix Fire Safety Engineering and Code Consultants

As Phoenix code consultants, TERPconsulting provides Phoenix Fire Protection Engineering to architects, engineers and contractors for all types of construction projects.

Our Phoenix fire protection engineers are licensed in Arizona, 43 other states, and the District of Columbia. As NCEES registrants we are capable of being licensed in any other state when the need arises. TERPconsulting engineers hold certificates in Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression from the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET).

TERPconsulting employs a team of 33, including engineers, consultants, designers, and administrative team members across the country. With five offices to serve you, we’re here to assist with all of your Phoenix fire protection engineering and Phoenix code consulting projects. Our specialties include assembly – ballrooms, concerts, conventions, meeting rooms, museums, and nightclubs, aviation, cannabis, commercial, courthouse & civic center projects, DOE and commercial nuclear complexes, education – universities and schools, food & beverage – restaurants, bars and nightclubs, gaming – commercial and tribal gaming realms, government and military, hospitality – hotel and casino, healthcare – hospitals & outpatient clinics, industrial and manufacturing, laboratories, mixed-use commercial/residential projects, residential – apartments, condos, multi-family, retail – mixed-use, malls, open-air shopping centers, gaming and hospitality projects in both commercial and tribal gaming realms, and the transportation sector – DOT and local jurisdictions. Our company has a wide range of experience, and the ability to assess all building types and project needs with fire protection engineering and code consulting.

What We Provide with our Fire Protection Engineers

We have extensive experience in fire protection engineering and code consulting for all types and sizes of construction projects throughout the world. We excel at coordinating fire protection and life safety features into the overall building design, accounting for building function, aesthetics, and cost while balancing building and fire code regulations. Our services include the following areas of expertise:

  • building and fire code consulting
  • fire and life safety reviews and reports
  • life safety plan preparation and review
  • existing building evaluation and due diligence
  • engineering judgments and alternative means and methods
  • hazardous materials
  • building and access board appeals and variance preparation
  • fire modeling
  • fire alarm system testing
  • master egress analysis and preparation
  • expert witness and loss consulting

It is important to keep in mind, that building codes for new building construction are typically different than those for existing buildings undergoing renovations. Fire life safety regulations vary widely due to local building codes and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs). TERPconsulting has many years of experience working with AHJs across the country. Let the Phoenix code consultants at TERPconsulting make sure your building is up to code and following the correct fire life safety requirements.


We provide firestop special inspections in jurisdictions throughout the Phoenix area. Firestop inspections are a critical area of fire protection in commercial buildings. These special inspections ensure that fire stop systems are being installed properly which help to limit the spread of building fires. In our experience, many buildings do not have the proper firestop systems installed, and in other cases inexperienced trade workers have installed the firestop systems inadequately, leaving a buildings walls, joints, or ceilings. exposed and at great risk. Our Phoenix Fire Protection Engineers are certified to provide visual and/or destructive testing for firestop systems. Firestopping is a vital component in fire resistive floors and walls. Let a professional fire protection engineer from TERPconsulting perform your firestop inspections. If your building is at risk of fire, people’s lives are at risk of injury or fatality.


With almost ten years of code consulting and fire protection engineering experience, TERPconsulting has worked with international, national, state, and local building and fire code officials. TERPconsulting is committed to providing fire and life safety consulting to the city of Phoenix and surrounding areas.


Contact TERPconsulting for all of your Phoenix Code Consulting needs. We specialize in assisting Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert and Tempe with fire protection engineering and code consulting. Since 2010, TERPconsulting has been in business and has a vast knowledge to assist with code consulting, fire sprinkler design, fire alarm design, NFPA 241 Safety Programs, Fire Protection Reports, general code consulting and systems testing. TERPconsulting and our Phoenix Code Consultants are ready to make sure your building is up to code with local Authorities having Jurisdiction (AHJs). We have an office in Phoenix, Arizona, and our project consultant is ready to assist with any projects requiring code consulting, fire protection engineering or systems testing.

Why wait? Contact TERPconsulting for all of your fire protection or code consulting needs in Arizona or New Mexico.

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