Smoke Control Systems and Third Party Special Inspections

TERPconsulting is licensed to perform Special 3 rd Party Inspections of Smoke Control Systems

What is a 3rd party inspection of a smoke control system?

Among other specialized 3 rd party services, TERPconsulting performs special inspections of smoke control systems that are required by building officials in the design of newly constructed high-rise buildings, malls, underground buildings, stages, platforms, technical production areas, and atriums. These building inspection programs are performed in accordance with California Building Code (CBC) and International Building Code (IBC) Sections 909 and 1705. During the normal course of construction and prior to occupancy, special building inspections are required to be performed by a deputy smoke control inspector who has been certified by the Superintendent of Building for the city of Los Angeles. TERPconsulting’s certified deputy smoke control inspectors are experts in the design, special inspection, and testing of fire alarms, smoke detectors, pressurization systems, and sprinkler systems.

What does a Deputy Smoke Control Inspector do?

TERPconsulting’s fire protection engineers have been officially licensed as Deputy Smoke Control Inspectors by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety – Mechanical Division. Certification as a Deputy Smoke Control Inspector allows TERPconsulting’s experts to conduct smoke control inspections and perform testing in the city of Los Angeles.
After the smoke control system’s design is completed and functional, one of TERPconsulting’s registered deputy smoke control inspectors have the authority to witness required duct leakage testing. Once the smoke control system is operational, TERPconsulting’s fire protection experts will also witness the system testing to confirm the equipment and system operation meets the requirements of the code and the approved Rational Analysis report. The third-party inspection reports that TERPconsulting’s deputy smoke control inspector generates from these special inspections are provided to the client, the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), and building officials. These inspection program reports are necessary to receive a Certificate of Occupancy.

Who can perform Smoke Control System Rational Analysis and/or Testing?

TERPconsulting’s licensed professional engineers (PEs) are experts in performing smoke control rational analysis as mandated by International Building Code (IBC) Section 909. Rational Analysis is required to be completed by a licensed engineer during the design of newly constructed high-rise buildings, malls, underground buildings, stages, platforms, technical production areas, and atriums in accordance with California Building Code (CBC) and IBC Section 909. TERPconsulting’s licensed professional engineers will perform a Smoke Control Rational Analysis to establish the basis of the design and installation of a smoke control system. TERPconsulting’s Rational Analysis service examines the type of smoke control system to be used, methods of operation, and testing. TERPconsulting’s smoke control inspectors are professional engineers who will ensure the Rational Analysis considers stack effect, temperature effect of fire, wind effect, HVAC systems’ effect, climate effect, and how the systems are to be commissioned to maintain a tenable environment. The engineers at TERPconsulting can seek the approval of and work closely with an Authority Having Jurisdiction or AHJ to perform the testing of a smoke control system.

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