TERPconsulting provides smoke control system testing and design

TERPconsulting offers smoke control system analysis, smoke control special inspections and smoke control system design. A smoke control system is utilized in a building to provide a combination of passive barriers, mechanical equipment and automatic detection and/or suppression systems. The system is designed to prohibit smoke from moving from one building zone to another.

The objective of Smoke Control Systems are to contribute to the protection of life and the reduction of property loss, hinder the migration of smoke from the event zone to other building zones, provide smoke barriers, hinder smoke from entering elevator shafts, stairwells, and smoke refuge areas, assist emergency response personnel by maintaining conditions that enable first responders to enter the building for rescue and fire-fighting operations.

Smoke Control System Inspections

Smoke Control System Inspections are designed to ensure that the various systems in a building are in good working order and are working together as designed and intended. The system must detect fire events, prevent smoke migration and circulation, and maintain proper pressurization of building areas.

A smoke control system is complex and has many facets. Due to the intricacy of the system, it is best to hire an experienced firm to handle smoke control system commissioning. Once testing is complete the system is signed of and stamped by a registered Fire Protection Engineer.

Our special inspectors are certified by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) in Fire Protection Engineering. When TERPconsulting handles your smoke control system inspections and testing we will ensure that your system is working properly, and functions as require by local jurisdictions and building code. Upon completion will provide a certificate of compliance that the subject building is in substantial compliance.

Smoke Control System Design

TERPconsulting also provides smoke control system design. We work with architects, developers and the Jurisdiction Having Authority (AHJs) to ensure the best system is designed for all parties involved and meets the required codes for the jurisdiction. There are several design approaches that can be utilized including Airflow Design Method, Exhaust Method, Passive Smoke Control and Performance Based Designs, and the Pressurization Method.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has published NFPA 92: “The Standard for Smoke Control Systems. NFPA 92 provides requirements, recommendations, and guidance regarding the design, installation, acceptance testing, operation, and ongoing periodic testing of smoke control systems. An important distinction to recall is that a “code” tells us “when” or “where” something is required, while a “standard” tells us “how” it is designed, installed, tested, maintained, and so on. In this case, NFPA 92 tells us “how” to design smoke control systems that are required to be provided in buildings by “codes” such as the International Building Code (IBC) or the NFPA 101: Life Safety Code.”

Trust the Smoke Control System Experts

With almost ten years’ experience, TERPconsulting performed smoke control systems testing, code consulting, and fire protection engineering in a wide range of industries including assembly – ballrooms, concerts, conventions, meeting rooms, museums, and nightclubs, aviation, cannabis, commercial, courthouse & civic center projects, DOE and commercial nuclear complexes, education – universities and schools, food & beverage – restaurants, bars and nightclubs, gaming – commercial and tribal gaming realms, government and military, hospitality – hotel and casino, healthcare – hospitals & outpatient clinics, industrial and manufacturing, laboratories, mixed-use commercial/residential projects, residential – apartments, condos, multi-family, retail – mixed-use, malls, open-air shopping centers, gaming and hospitality projects in both commercial and tribal gaming realms, and the transportation sector – DOT and local jurisdictions.

TERPconsulting is here to assist with smoke control system testing and smoke control system design on your next project. Work with the team that has a wide range of experience with complex systems in a wide range of industries and building types.

Let our smoke control system experts know how we can help you today!

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