As Daylight Saving Time Begins, Test Your Smoke Alarms

As Daylight Saving Time Begins, Test Your Smoke Alarms

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Smoke alarms save lives!

Clocks will spring forward an hour tonight as Daylight Saving Time begins. In addition to moving your clocks forward, test all smoke alarms. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), it is best to replace all aging, removable battery-powered smoke alarms and test others to ensure they are in working order. Smoke alarms over 10 years of age should be replaced by a sealed-in smoke alarm which has non-removable batteries that last 10 years.

Top Five Smoke Alarm Tips:

• Install smoke alarms in every bedroom. They should also be outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home. Also, install alarms in the basement.
• It is best to use interconnected smoke alarms. When one smoke alarm sounds, they all sound.
• Test all smoke alarms at least once a month. Press the test button to be sure the alarm is working.
• A smoke alarm should be on the ceiling or high on a wall. Keep smoke alarms away from the kitchen to reduce false alarms.
• Replace all smoke alarms when they are 10 years old.

As you get ready for spring, it’s also a great time to make sure smoke alarms are properly working. Smoke alarms give you an early warning so you can get outside quickly in the event of a fire.

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