Code Consultants in Aviation, Rail, and Underground Tunnels

TERPconsulting’s fire code consulting experience in the transportation safety fields of aviation, rail/mass transit, and underground transportation tunnels runs deep. TERPconsulting’s proficiency in this unique arena includes ventilation, means of egress, electrical systems, standpipe and water supply, and control of hazardous materials to mitigate danger, protect infrastructure, and save lives in these complex and interconnected systems.

In the field of aviation, TERPconsulting’s fire protection engineers are essential for designing and maintaining fire safety systems in airports, aircraft, and associated facilities. TERPconsulting’s deft team of engineers must consider the flammable nature of aviation fuels and the potential for rapid fire spread in highly populated terminals as well as design fire suppression systems and fire-resistant building materials to ensure the safety of travelers and airport personnel.

For rail and mass transit systems, TERPconsulting’s fire protection engineers possess the necessary experience and solutions to address the risks of fires in crowded train stations, onboard trains, and maintenance facilities. They design fire detection systems and fire-resistant train materials and ensure that electrical and propulsion systems are protected against fire-related incidents.

Unique challenges related to limited egress, ventilation, and smoke management are presented when enhancing the safety of underground transportation tunnels. The fire protection engineers at TERPconsulting design specialized fire suppression and detection systems and implement robust emergency communication systems tailored to the confined space of tunnels. TERPconsulting’s experts also consider the impact of fire on tunnel infrastructure and the potential for smoke to spread to neighboring areas.

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