TERPconsulting Can Assist You With Wildfire Preparedness and Mitigation to Protect Your Property

Wildfire Risk Analysis Map

TERPconsulting Can Assist You With Wildfire Preparedness and Mitigation to Protect Your Property

TERPconsulting assists clients in proactively reducing fire risk through hazard mapping and mitigation strategies. After a thorough review of your property and surrounding areas, we provide mitigation strategies for materials and landscape and provide recommendations on various fire protection measures such as active fire safety systems, fire-resistant construction materials, and fire protection measures, to name a few.

The sample risk analysis map below details the risk assessment based on four factors, which include: 1) fuel type and distribution 2) Flame length 3) Ingress/egress routes, and 4) flame front arrival time. These four parameters can highly impact wildfire behavior. The image shows the colored boxes next to some houses present in the area. Red is a high-risk area, yellow is a moderate-risk area, and green is a low-risk area. 

Wildfire Risk Analysis Map

Sample Risk Analysis Map

An evaluation of the topography of local fuels and water resources is incorporated into the property’s wildfire resilience strategy. This evaluation provides the owners with tangible ways to reduce their wildfire hazards.

Hazard mapping is based on two fundamental analyses: hazard and risk assessment. Hazard assessment involves identifying natural factors such as weather patterns, vegetation, and slope to form an engineering evaluation. The risk assessment identifies and maps the wildfire-prone areas that threaten the community. They often include additional risk factors such as road access, flood-prone areas, and structural density. Information from these factors is used to assign a risk rating. For example, a wildfire in an undeveloped area would be given a low-risk rating. It is at a lower risk of property loss than a wildfire in an occupied community in a moderate-risk area.

In addition to assessing the property, the fire and life safety experts at TERPconsulting will review local and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, including construction materials, water supplies, and wildland fire management to ensure compliance. 

Services Provided:

  • Assessment of wildland fire hazard and risk, and subsequent development of vegetation management and fire risk reduction plan.
  • A review of current building materials used.
  • Development of a wildfire mitigation strategy. Recommendations of how you can make your property safer through mitigation strategies and fire protection measures.
  • Assessment of national and local codes and standards to ensure compliance.

At TERPconsulting, we provide our unbiased opinion on the best ways to protect your property. We do not sell or install any products. Are you ready to take safety to the next level at your property? Contact us today!

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