New Mural Being Created at TERP Headquarters

New Mural Being Created at TERP Headquarters

Buster The Business Cat!

TERPconsulting’s Las Vegas office is currently undergoing a beautification project on the parking lot’s wall. A new mural is being created to coincide with the city’s formal Maryland Parkway Public Art Plan. While this initiative is focused on bringing art to public spaces, TERP was inspired to create a piece of art for our headquarters.

Our Las Vegas office is located in an up-and-coming area of Maryland Parkway in downtown Las Vegas. Maryland Parkway is a vital corridor connecting many high-activity centers, including Harry Reid International Airport, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Boulevard Mall, Sunrise Hospital, and downtown Las Vegas.

TERP is proud to do its part in bringing beauty and art to the area for all to enjoy. Here is a sneak peek of the artistry to date featuring Buster the Business Cat, our resident feline, in all his purrfect glory!

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