Lessons Learned: The 911 on Pets and Fire Safety

Pet Fire Safety

Lessons Learned: The 911 on Pets and Fire Safety

If you have pets, this is a reminder to keep them safe around the house. A dog accidentally started a fire while stealing a leftover pancake from a stove at a Southwick, MA home.

One of the family’s dogs hit the ignition when it grabbed a pancake. Within minutes, the items on the stove ignited and the home’s fire alarm began to ring. The house was equipped with a security system that alerted the fire department, which responded and put out the blaze. No animals were harmed due to this fire. They were very lucky!

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), pets and wild animals are involved in starting almost 700 home fires per year. Roughly three-quarters were started by cooking equipment, fireplaces, or candles.

The NFPA reminds us that pets are curious. They may bump into, turn on, or knock over cooking equipment. Keep pets away from stoves and countertops. You may even want to install safety covers for your stove controls, to further safeguard pets and young children.

To learn more tips about pet fire safety, download the NFPA’s Pet Fire Safety Tip Sheet.

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