Third-Party Design Review

Third-Party Design Review

Valuable Resource for Adhering to Codes and Standards Adopted by Governing AHJ(s)

TERPconsulting provides third-party municipal fire protection plan review and staff augmentation services for all types of projects at minimal cost to the jurisdiction. Whether mandated by an authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), required by code, or a complex design project that needs to be peer-reviewed, TERPconsulting’s third-party design review services ensure adherence to applicable codes and standards adopted by the governing jurisdiction.

Our third-party code consultants can serve AHJs in various ways, including providing staff augmentation, support, and technical assistance provisions as permitted by the International Fire Code (IFC). Our extensive experience includes reviewing and approving building and fire permits assigned by the AHJ while also serving as a technical resource for unique and challenging projects. To minimize the impact on an AHJ’s budget, TERPconsulting can advise on developing a fee structure to recover the cost of our services through fees as permitted by the IFC.

TERPconsulting can provide our licensed personnel on an as-needed basis to assist in conducting fire protection reviews of shop drawing submittals (i.e. plans, specifications, and calculations) for compliance with applicable codes and standards in the jurisdiction. During a building and fire code review, we employ our extensive engineering and fire system design and installation knowledge to analyze and confirm that standards and regulations have been met. Our expertise and familiarity allow us to plug in our personnel to meet organizational needs requiring a quick ramp-up period. TERPconsulting’s collective experience in fire/life safety makes us a valuable resource to any technical team or jurisdiction in a support role or as an extension of the AHJ.

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