Tricks of the Trade: Code Analysis From a Fire Protection Engineer

Tricks of the Trade: Code Analysis From a Fire Protection Engineer

Jim Begley, PE, FSFPE, CFM

TERPconsulting is pleased to announce that principal Jim Begley, PE, FSFPE, CFM will be presenting at the 9th Annual Continuing Education Seminar hosted by the Nevada State Board of Architecture, Interior Design & Residential Design (NSBAIDRD), and the American Institute of Architects – Las Vegas Chapter.

Jim’s presentation “Tricks of the Trade: Code Analysis from a Fire Protection Engineer” will give architects the tools they need to navigate code analysis. Topics include working with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), how to be a good code consultant, Alternative Methods and Modifications, and Means of Egress, to name a few. Jim will review major changes to the 2021 International Building Code (IBC) and reveal other tricks of the trade.

Jim has almost 30 years of fire protection experience. Based out of Las Vegas, Jim has been involved in countless projects across Nevada, the U.S., and internationally. After being relocated to Las Vegas in 2002 with Schirmer Engineering, Jim founded the fire protection group for JBA Consulting Engineers before establishing TERPconsulting in 2010, towards the end of the Great Recession.

Since 2010, TERP has grown into the largest fire protection/code consulting firm in Nevada and with more than 30 team members between six offices nationwide that include Baltimore, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Southern California. As a result of performing work across the country, he’s registered in way more states than any one person should be (44 jurisdictions: 43 states plus the District of Columbia). A proud fire protection engineering graduate from the University of Maryland, College Park – hence the company name – Jim’s very much looking forward to the start of college basketball season next week.

If you’re an architect that needs more assistance with Code Analysis or other Fire and Life Safety needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our fire protection engineers today.







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