Code Consulting

fire and life safety code consulting

Outlining fire and life safety code requirements is the expertise of TERPconsulting.

Whether it’s fire department access to your project’s fire apparatus, hydrant spacing, hydrant quantity, or associated fire flow, code can be complicated.

From a cost-benefit analysis of construction types, TERP can guide you in navigating the requirements, and prescribe and identify the applicable code requirements necessary for your project. In addition, TERP’s code experts can create a report outlining the requirements for design implementation and development that will not only assist the design team but also reduce permit review times.

For existing projects, which many times can be more complicated, TERP can assess and validate the original code against current requirements, in addition to providing the scope to determine the code that needs to be met. Code of record analysis allows TERP’s fire protection engineers to look at the original code when the building was constructed and compare that with the new code. Sometimes this can be more restrictive, creating a need for alternative means and methods. TERP has the background and expertise to recommend alternative means and methods to establish equivalency when your project can’t meet a prescriptive code requirement. TERP’s code consulting experts are armed with the background necessary to reduce the costs associated with design as well as assist your project through permitting and inspections.