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fire and life safety reviews and reports

Fire Protection Reports establish building fire and life safety components to establish a baseline for your design team and AHJs.

building and fire code consulting

Building and fire codes are becoming increasingly complicated with local amendments and interpretations only furthering the complexity. Leave negotiations on key provisions to our team of experts who specialize in the implementation of these provisions.

TERPconsulting provides Accessibility Consulting for all types of commercial, industrial, and municipal projects. We will help navigate your building and site needs to meet the numerous Federal and State Disabled Access requirements. One of our certified consultants can manage the accessibility requirements on your next project.

 fire, egress and smoke modeling

The use of computational fire and egress models can justify alternate design schemes or reduce exhaust fan and exit widths, thereby saving project costs while maintaining an acceptable level of safety.

3rd party design review

When first starting a project, or delving into a remodel, building and fire code consulting will make sure your work stays on track, letting you know which codes and regulations you need to meet.

performance-based design

With cutting-edge facilities, not all designs can meet the prescriptive code requirements. In those instances, performance-based design methods can be utilized to demonstrate an equivalent level of safety to the prescriptive provisions.

engineering analysis

TERPconsulting is available for building engineering analysis. This consists of a thorough review of architectural components and design aspects.

commissioning and acceptance testing

Fire/life safety systems require in-depth acceptance testing per NFPA standards and building code provisions. TERPconsulting can make sure systems are ready and functional when you’re ready to occupy your building.

master egress analysis and preparation

TERPconsulting can review your Master Egress drawings them, documenting building occupant loads and exit routes from your facilities.

fire protection system design, analysis, testing and inspections

From sprinklers and special suppression to fire alarm and detection, TERPconsulting can review and analyze existing systems or design new ones while optimizing performance.

smoke control system design, analysis, testing and inspections

 Beginning with design and utilizing fire modeling to minimize fan capacities to overseeing system acceptance testing, TERPconsulting can oversee smoke control systems from cradle-to-grave.

fire protection construction management

Fire protection systems are complicated with numerous interactions with other building systems. Let the professionals of TERPconsulting coordinate system performance and operations, ensuring building safety.

firestop special inspections

Our firestop inspectors are certified to serve as independent third-party inspectors through multiple means, such as through the International Firestop Council. Our inspectors are well-versed in building and fire code requirements, including those applicable to through-penetration and joint firestopping systems. Although the building code requires a firestop special inspector for high-rise buildings, along with those in Risk Categories III and IV, TERPconsulting can provide firestop special inspection services on any project at the request of the Owner or Authority Having Jurisdiction.

NFPA 241 is the Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations. Per many local and state fire codes, a comprehensive NPFA 241 plan must be enforced whenever a building is undergoing construction, alteration, or demolition operations. The plan must clearly establish responsibilities for all parties as well as discuss the means and methods for complying with the requirements of NFPA 241. TERPconsulting can develop, advise, or assist in the enforcement of a NFPA 241 plan.

We offer expert witness and loss consulting services for varying types of cases. Our professional fire protection engineers can provide valuable insight for cases involving  insurance coverage, fire protection engineering, fire life safety science, fire suppression, fire investigation, fire cause and origin, or fire and explosion investigation, as they pertain to a fire or safety-related lawsuit.

fire hazard analyses

Required in the nuclear industry and elsewhere, FHAs document the review of processes and facilities from a risk-based standpoint, identifying potential unacceptable loss scenarios.

Our hazardous materials experts are here to ensure your storage, use, and handling of hazardous materials, including flammable liquids and combustible dusts meet all required code standards.

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