Accessibility Consulting

Accessibility Consulting and ADA Compliance

TERPconsulting offers accessibility consulting services to evaluate access to facilities for persons with disabilities for all types of commercial, industrial, and municipal construction projects. As specialists in fire/life safety and code consulting, TERP can assist you with navigating accessibility compliance requirements which is an integral piece of any new construction or renovation project and mandated to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and all other applicable accessibility guidelines.

Accessibility design and construction require a thorough understanding and knowledge of all federal and local codes and standards that apply to disabled access requirements. Our team members are certified through the International Code Council (ICC) as accessibility inspectors and plans examiners as well as Certified Access Specialist (CASp) certified, which is a California state-specific certification for accessibility consulting through the California Division of the State Architect (DSA). Our ICC- and CASp-certified accessibility consultants can perform a site visit and provide a detailed report of where deficiencies and upgrades are necessary.

Accessibility Consulting RAS CASp

Utilizing one firm for both fire life safety and accessibility code consulting brings added value to your project. Attention to detail must be at the forefront during every step of the project. TERP will be there to assist with all phases of the project from interior and exterior design review to construction administration services and inspections. It is optimal to identify any potential issues that impact accessibility compliance during the design phase of a project. Correcting problems after the start of construction can adversely affect both the budget and your project’s completion timeline.

If your firm has compliance needs, or simply doesn’t have the time or manpower, one of our certified code experts can manage the numerous federal- and state-mandated accessibility regulations on your next project efficiently and effectively.

ICC Certified Accessibility Inspectors

RAS Accessibility Consulting TexasLooking to purchase a building or do an assessment of an existing building? Our ICC Certified Accessibility Inspectors and Plans Examiners are able to perform a site visit and provide a detailed report of where deficiencies and upgrades will be needed.

Don’t leave your next project to chance! All new and re-designed buildings are mandated to be compliant with the ADA, and all other applicable accessibility guidelines. Contact TERPconsulting today and make sure your next project is managed by an accessibility expert.

Accessibility Services

  • general accessibility consulting
  • assessments for new and existing buildings
  • accessible means of egress analysis
  • inspections for ADA compliance
  • interpretations of accessibility regulations
  • litigation support
  • plan review